Whenever the Pistons see the Knicks' orange and blue, they look like one of the worst teams in NBA history. Think that's an exaggeration? After the latest Knicks beat-down -- a 99-85 thumping that saw the Pistons trail by as much as 26 points -- they have dropped three games to New York by an average of 16.7 points per game. It's not shocking that the Pistons have lost all three games to the Knicks this season -- six in a row overall. The addition of Jose Calderon, in his Pistons debut, didn't help. The losses this season have followed the same script -- early Knicks dominance put the Pistons in a deep hole. "We put ourselves in such a hole, we start playing frustration basketball," Pistons coach Lawrence Frank said. "Mentally, we don't stay as focused and as engaged as we need to be. "We got to be past that point where we play the way we did that first half. That's unacceptable." The problem each game has been too much Carmelo Anthony and too many triples. Anthony, who torched Tayshaun Prince in previous games, gave the business to Kyle Singler this time, scoring nine points in the first quarter on his way to a 27-point night on 10-for-17 shooting. And the Knicks bombed away from the perimeter, rocking six three-pointers in the first quarter in taking a 28-13 lead. At one point, the Knicks had five three-pointers whereas the Pistons had five baskets total. The Knicks eventually drained 14 triples -- they have blazed away with 40 threes against the Pistons this season. "Defensively, you have to be able to take away the three," Frank said. "Fourteen threes is tough."