For the Knicks, the news on Tyson Chandler was not good. The veteran center still wasn’t ready to play last night because of a bulging disk in his cervical spine and is not expected to play tonight against Memphis. Chandler also said he has experienced sensations down into his shoulder. Chandler returned to practice Monday and thought he had a chance of going last night, but the banging took its toll. A leading spine specialist at Northwestern University Hospital, Dr. Wellington Hsu, told The Post last week a bulging disk is considered much less serious if it is contained to a stiff neck. But the injury is considered more severe if there are sensations into the arm. “The whole point was to test it and see how it felt [Monday],’’ Chandler said in the visitor’s locker room before the Knicks’ 100-85 win over the Celtics last night at TD North Garden. “Afterwards I knew my body wasn’t ready. Late afternoon. I started to have the same symptoms [Monday] night and this morning. I knew right away I wasn’t quite there. It runs down my neck and shoulder.’’ Chandler missed his seventh straight game. He injured his neck and knee during the Denver game on the West Coast trip two weeks ago in separate collisions. “Talking to one of the trainers, it’s different from ankle, leg, knee,’’ Chandler said. “Something like that, you feel like if you’re close enough, you just come back. But in this situation, I was close enough [Monday]. You just have to deal with that little pain. But when you can’t move, it’s a little different. It’s not something you’re able to just fight through.’’ That’s a bad sign for the Knicks, considering the playoffs are a little more than three weeks away. “When I’m on the basketball court and playing defense, rebounds and look down and up, that’s my problem right now,’’ Chandler said. “It’s not something I’m really worried about for the long period. But I need a couple of days, let it calm down and do rehab. “I absolutely have to make sure I’m right. I hope it’s not that long. I don’t foresee it that long. I feel I was close yesterday, but trainers talked about it. I have to be able to really move around and feel good. Whereas [Monday] I felt I was close and close is good enough for me. Let’s try it. And obviously I’m not there.”