Enes Kanter woke up to the news Wednesday morning that he’s a wanted criminal facing prison. But if Turkish president Tayyip Erdogan thought this latest threat could finally silence Kanter, we’d love to see his face when hearing the center’s response. “That’s it? Only four years?” Kanter said. “All the trash I’ve been talking?” In this era of the social activist athlete, nobody of such stature has sacrificed more for their cause than Kanter. Not even Colin Kaepernick. Kanter lost his home. He lost his family. He lost his passport. His father was sent to prison. In the near future, he’ll be tried in Turkey in absentia for insulting Erdogan, specifically with tweets calling him a “dictator” and “the Hitler of our century.” According to Turkey’s state-run news agency, prosecutors are seeking a sentence of more than four years. Yet Kanter remains resolute in his vocal opposition, taunting Erdogan the same way he taunted LeBron James. It’s all presented by Kanter with a disarming smile, but the consequences are serious.