I'd like to go do some celebratin', so I'm gonna keep this short: The Knicks have made a habit of starting terribly only to explode in the second half. The second half started early tonight, I guess. Thanks to some poor interior defense and inaccurate shooting, New York fell behind double-digits in the early minutes of the first quarter. It was 18-6 Kings seven minutes into the game, and if Tyreke Evans hit his layups, it might've been worse. Then the Knicks got back into it with a 114-63 run. Just 41 or so minutes of unadulterated dominance. As you can see from StarksMiddleFinger's comment, it became evident during the second half-- somewhere amidst Amar'e Stoudemire's 10-10 shooting and the 12 combined threes from J.R. Smith and Steve Novak-- that the Knicks were going to hold on for the win. That kind of wanton trampling is exactly the kind of response I wanted to that nightmarish loss the Knicks suffered after making a huge comeback in Sacramento just over a month ago.