The government shutdown is over but the K-Mart shutdown continues. Former Raptor Andrea Bargnani is good to go Monday night in his former haunt but Kenyon Martin is still wondering when Knicks coach Mike Woodson will let him play this preseason. Bargnani whose back stiffened in practice Sunday at Columbia University is healthy enough to play his second game in Toronto in 10 days. Bargnani hasn’t missed a single preseason game. Martin has yet to play one. Martin prefers to play and is trying to rationalize the extra cautious strategy the Knicks medical staff is taking. Because his late-season severe ankle sprain healed slowly over the summer a plan was devised to keep Martin off the court during most of preseason. But Martin vowed even if he doesn’t play a preseason game he will be out there for the season opener Oct. 30 against the Bucks. Martin said he has yet to hear if Woodson will unleash him for the preseason finale Oct. 25 at the Garden against the Bobcats. “I’ll definitely [play] on the 30th’’ Martin said. “I’m going to push that much harder to play. I’m not questionable. I’m fine.’’ Asked whether he would play the last preseason game Martin snapped “I wanted to play the first. You got to ask Woody. He’s the coach. If it was up to me I’ll play.” Last week Woodson hinted Martin could play the final two preseason games but has since backed off. “I’m ready now’’ Martin said on whether he would be fit for the regular-season opener. “And it’s nine days away. I’m fine man. If he decides to play me in one of those last preseason games he’ll let me know. If not the real show starts and I’m ready.’ “I understand: I’m not a young guy’’ added Martin who turns 36 in December. “I’m not going to press the issue about playing preseason [even if] it makes no sense to me. I’m going to press the issue when it’s playing the regular season. Because I want to play. I understand the issue. We have guys fighting for jobs and in order for them to do that I have to take a backseat.’’