As Liverpool sit eight points clear of the Premier League table, and the January transfer window lurks just seven weeks away, the big topic during this characteristically quiet international break has been exactly what magnitude of moves Pep Guardiola and his reigning league champions will be preparing in order to make up the gap in the second half of the season.

Less prominent has been any serious discussion about whether or not Jürgen Klopp will add to his squad in the new year. With a first league title in 30 years firmly in their own hands, many fans are wondering if this would be the time for the Reds to do some mid-season spending in order to further strengthen their position, but beyond a light — though exciting — sprinkle of Timo Werner, the rumour front has been dreadfully quiet.

Enter Corriere dello Sport, that bastion of integrity in sports journalism, who are claiming that Jürgen Klopp is plotting to relive his old friend David Wagner of his most important player.