In the wake of Aaron Rodgers' criticism of the Green Bay Packers for a lack of input on management decisions, Arizona head coach Kliff Kingsbury said the Cardinals have been approaching quarterback Kyler Murray for his opinion on the team's personnel.

"Those guys have as good a feel for players, players' personalities, and talent as any of us because they have been on the field and they have worked with them," Kingsbury said, according to team reporter Darren Urban.

"I do think that goes a long way. I like, and (general manager) Steve (Keim) is the same way, we talk to Kyler about different players he likes, whether it be receivers, linemen, and we like having that dialogue. (It) gives you a different perspective."

Quarterback input on management and personnel decisions has been a hot topic since Aaron Rodgers' comments Wednesday. Murray said he enjoyed Rodgers' candid press conference because of "how real he was with it" while explaining why player input is a crucial part of the evaluation process.