Kliff Kingsbury was in Dallas on Thursday for a Texas Tech recruiting review dinner after signing a new football class the day before. He opened up to several reporters in the Big 12 Conference’s media capital about the complex transfer of quarterback Baker Mayfield and a second loss in quarterback Michael Brewer. The departures leave the Red Raiders with just one scholarship quarterback to work with through spring football. “I knew the nature of the game in this day and age, that kids, if they’re not playing right away usually want to make a move, especially that position,” Kingsbury told FOX Sports’ David Ubben, “but to see them both go and not have a spring competition was pretty surprising to me.” Mayfield, currently enrolled at Oklahoma, criticized Kingsbury for a lack of communication as the team’s quarterbacks coach in addition to offensive coordinator and head coaching duties. That surprised Kingsbury. “My relationship with Baker was great the entire year,” Kingsbury told Ubben. “I started him for a reason, because I had a lot of faith in him and enjoyed the type of player he was and the type of man he was. I take a lot of pride in coaching that position and the type of relationship I’ve built with those kinds of guys over the years, so yeah, I guess things happen and you just move on.” The head coach did say Mayfield’s comments made him rethink how he’ll handle communication with his quarterbacks in the future. “I think you just don’t take things for granted, and each quarterback’s different, so you’ve got to handle each one differently and make sure they understand where you’re at and leave no stone unturned in your communication when you talk to those guys,” Kingsbury told Ubben. Texas Tech should have two scholarship quarterbacks on campus this summer. Whitehouse, Texas, star Patrick Mahomes signed with the team Wednesday and is expected to walk onto campus as the No. 2 quarterback behind sophomore Davis Webb.