On the day the Seahawks were fined $100,000 by the NFL for not properly following the league’s concussion protocol in relation to an injury Russell Wilson suffered in November, another high-profile Seattle player returned to full duty after suffering a concussion of his own — linebacker K.J. Wright. And Wright, who sat out last week’s game against the Rams with a concussion suffered the previous Sunday at Jacksonville, offered only praise for how the team handled his situation. “They asked me a bunch of questions, took me in the locker room, shut me down,’’ said Wright, who was injured with 1:53 to play in the third quarter on Dec. 10 at Jacksonville. “I think they did good through the week. The doctors were really good in communicating with me. No one pressured me coming back. So they did a good job.’’ The experience, though, left Wright with an eye-opening thought — that no NFL player should be allowed to play for at least a week after being diagnosed with a concussion. “The NFL needs to make it mandatory to where you miss one game if you have a concussion because you are just not right,’’ Wright said. “I don’t care that anyone says they feel fine. I think you should miss one game if you’ve got a concussion because it’s a brain and you’ve got to protect that brain because you’ve only got one.’’ Wright, who as been with the Seahawks since 2011, then elaborated on the sensations he experienced last week. “I mean it’s just dizzy,’’ he said. “Doing certain things makes you dizzy. The light hurts your eyes. If the light hurts your eyes, why are you playing a football game the following Sunday? Because you’ve got a concussion for a reason and it’s a brain, so you are going to put your brain through the same thing? That doesn’t make any sense to me, so I think you should miss a game.’’ The concussion was the second of Wright’s career having also suffered one that caused him to miss a game against the Vikings in 2012. Wright, who is now 28, said back then he might have been more inclined to try to convince the team he could play.