With the Redskins protecting a 10-2 lead and struggling to generate anything offensively late in the third quarter of Sunday’s game at Seattle, the wheels nearly came off the Washington upset wagon. Backup center Chase Roullier, filling in for the injured Spencer Long for the second consecutive week, snapped the ball hard and high; Kirk Cousins, who was in shotgun formation, managed to get a hand on the ball, deflecting it in the air. The ball eventually came down, eight yards behind the line of scrimmage and into the hands of Cousins. With his back to the trio of Seahawks defenders closing in, but no doubt sensing imminent destruction, Cousins handed the ball off with great urgency to running back Rob Kelley, who rolled up like an armadillo and was immediately swarmed for a nine-yard loss. Crisis averted, possession retained. But seriously, how’re you going to do your running back like that, Kirk? The day after the Redskins left Seattle with an unlikely win, Cousins could laugh about the play, which was shared as a Twitter video by the invaluable @recordsANDradio and is apt to be featured on ESPN’s C’Mon Man segment before “Monday Night Football.” “This is why I love Rob Kelley,” Cousins told Grant Paulsen and Danny Rouhier when asked about his handoff on 106.7 The Fan’s Grant and Danny show. “Because if the ball is seemingly 10 stories high and I’m just waiting for it to come down hoping I don’t get sandwiched in the process, I hear Rob yelling — I don’t remember exactly what he said — but I remember hearing something like, ‘Kirk give it to me.’ He was basically like, let me be the sacrificial lamb. I could feel him next to me and I could hear him saying, like, ‘Let me take it, let me take it.’ The minute I got it, I could feel him there and I just handed it to him, both of us recognizing that he’ll take the hit for both of us. That’s why you love Rob. He’s a teammate in every sense of the word and wants to win and is willing to put it on the line for the group.”