Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins knew exactly what was coming. Not so much from the Giants defense during the game but from the inquiring-mind media types afterward. As one of the hot names on the NFL free-agency list, Cousins was aware his future and not his immediate past would be scrutinized. So where will you be next season? That’s what Cousins was asked immediately after the Giants dumped the Redskins 18-10, at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. His responses were not overly revealing. “I understand the questions but I’m not in position right now to even give you an answer. I need to catch my breath,” said Cousins, who completed 20-of-37 passes for 158 yards but threw three interceptions. “We’ll have plenty of time. The league’s set up in a way that we have a lot of time to make those decisions and I’ll use all the time that I can, be very thorough and diligent but I need to catch my breath,” said Cousins, 29, speculated as a Jets target. Whatever happens, Redskins coach Jay Gruden said he hopes for a quick resolution. “Without a doubt. We have to have stability at that position somehow, someway. Not everybody has it,” Gruden said. “If you got one, you would like to keep one, but you want to make that decision pretty soon or Kirk will also, so it’s not totally up to us, you know? Kirk’s got to buy in also. We also have 18 or 19 other free agents that I would really like to take care of also.” For the past two seasons, Cousins earned the franchise tag from the Redskins and pocketed $44 million. A third straight similar distinction would land him another $34 million from Washington if a long-term deal is not worked out.