I spoke with Andrei Kirilenko from the south of France just a few minutes ago and he said he probably won't decide whether to pick up his $10 million-plus option for next year until after next week's draft. Kirilenko has until June 29 to make up his mind, a curious date because it's two days after the June 27 draft. "I think it will come right after the draft,'" he said of his decision when reached today just after dinnertime in France. You'd think the Wolves would want to know Kirilenko's status heading into the draft so they can make informed decisions, but that's the date in the two-year contract David Kahn reached with him last summer. Kirilenko said he hasn't spoken with his agent at length about the matter yet, but plans to do so in the next three to four days. Kahn's departure and the arrival of new basketball ops president Flip Saunders probably will affect Kirilenko's decision. Kahn would have been more likely to offer Kirilenko a substantial three-year extension -- maybe even at similar money -- that he is seeking here at age 32. Saunders might be willing to offer him, say, a two-year deal if Kirilenko opts out of next season, but you can bet it won't be at $10 million per year.