He has, in truth, had busier nights. Given even a random sampling of those pitched assaults, the all-out seiges, Miikka Kiprusoff has had to weather over his years here, he might’ve, if only for an instant, wondered why he’d bothered to tug on his gear in the first place. A tidy 32-save victory. Ho hum. Nothing mind-altering for a who makes the extraordinary his norm in posting win No. 300 as a Calgary Flame. But. Just his being there makes all the difference. His mere physical presence on its own is like heading out on vacation and knowing the ADT’s been set, the dobermans are on alert and the razor wire is in place. He represents security. Protection. As if no harm can befall them. He provides — and never underestimate this aspect of his contribution to the whole — a blessed peace of mind. With him between the pipes, there are always possibilities. “I tried to do the same thing I always do,” said Kiprusoff, making his first start in a month since injuring a knee. “I didn’t worry. I’ve been practicing well and I knew the team was ready so I was confident.