Shots after a period: 15-6, Detroit. After two, 27-11. How in the name of sweet creation the Calgary Flames were, respectively, ahead a goal and then tied defied reason. Like Stonehenge, Area 51 or crop circles, not fully explainable. Well, yes, there was one perfectly good rationalization for all the mysterious goings-on: Miikka Kiprusoff. This is not someone to be doubted or dissed. Yes, Kiprusoff had looked mighty chuffed to be stapled to the end of the bench Monday at L.A., reduced to jotting notes on a clipboard, like some random third-string quarterback. The startling snub in SoCal threatened to mutate into a full-blown maelstrom when coach Bob Hartley declined to make an immediate call on his starter against the Wings in the wake of a 3-1 loss. Suddenly, Kiprusoff’s mere participation had become a story. For so long, his name on the Flames’ lineup card has been as automatic as Cal Ripken Jr.’s was in Baltimore. If there was any, even half-serious consideration to sitting him a second straight game, the idea now sounds beyond ludicrous.