In this town, he is a familiar sight. The red jersey — with No. 34 on the back — and the pads are a dead giveaway. So it doesn’t take long. A couple of fans, spotting the celebrity, sidle over. “Can I take a picture?” says one. The other politely asks him to remove his headgear. Decent chap, he lifts his mask, exposing that trademark red beard, and poses. Picture snapped, he briskly gets on with the business of preparing for Wednesday’s action, now only minutes away. He appears a tad antsy. And who can blame him? For the first time in four years, Brendan Peters is head-to-toe in his Miikka Kiprusoff get-up. This night is a special occasion — one of Kiprusoff’s last appearances on Scotiabank Saddledome ice. The young man aims to honour his hockey hero in style. So, in his own swansong, Peters goes through the act that made him famous — mimicking, with reverence, the Calgary Flames star netminder’s every move during warm-up. “This is a thank you and a goodbye,” says Peters. “It feels good to strap on the pads one more time. I’d say that he and I share something special. I grew up watching Kiprusoff. I’ll never forget — nor should any other Flames fan — what he’s done for this franchise. “He’s been the heart and soul of this team, so I praise him for that.” You would never recognize Peters in his everyday role as Grade 11 student at Notre Dame High School. Nor would you recall his name. But gear on, mid-schtick, recognition is instant. Call him what you want. Mini-Miikka. Kipper Kid. He says he has no preference, adding, “I’m there for Kiprusoff and he’s there for the Flames.”