An incident between Detroit Tigers second baseman Ian Kinsler and MLB umpire Angel Hernandez has sparked an unified protest among umpires, and manger Brad Ausmus doesn’t like it. Some umpires across the league wore white arm bands on Saturday to indicate they were not happy Kinsler was not suspended for his harsh criticism of Hernandez earlier this week. The World Umpires Association released a statement via Twitter on Saturday that considered Kinsler’s criticism as “unacceptable.” The full statement can be seen below. Ausmus was asked about the World Umpires Association’s statement following Saturday’s game, and considered it “completely wrong to single out one player.” “I do care,” Ausmus said. “To single out one player is completely wrong and goes against what the sport is. I mean it’s a team sport. There’s often arguments between team players and umpires, managers and umpires, and coaches and umpires, that’s part of the game. To single out one player as a union is completely uncalled for.” Ausmus continued to express his anger with the statement by saying that “many things are said both ways” in player-umpire arguments. He went on to explain that while Kinsler wasn’t suspended the fine he received was an equally harsh punishment.