The most stunning thing about the slow ground ball that somehow snuck past Ian Kinsler on Sunday is that Kinsler made an error at all. He hadn't committed one in 43 games, since kicking a Michael Bourn grounder in the fifth inning of a 5-4 win over Houston on June 22. The next hitter bounced into a double play that Kinsler turned to end the inning. A long errorless streak doesn't necessarily make a player a good defender, though it doesn't hurt. But Kinsler passes the eye test and has stats to back those who believe he has developed into a top defensive second baseman. Kinsler was back at second base Monday night as the Texas Rangers opened a four-game series at Angel Stadium against the team closest to them in the American League West standings. Though he has battled inconsistencies at the plate, his glove has been as steady as any around the league. As far as his biggest backer, manager Ron Washington, is concerned, Kinsler rates with recent Gold Glove winners Robinson Cano and Dustin Pedroia. "Outstanding. One of the best in the league," Washington said. "I think he and Robinson and Pedroia play some pretty good second base. It's hard to put one above another." As for the error Sunday, which allowed Oakland's first two runs to score, Kinsler made no excuses. If anything, he played himself into the gaffe.