So there was Bob Miller, Jim Fox and Patrick O'Neal in front of the cameras at Staples Center the other night, covering a Kings practice, the hockey rink up and running. We're talkin' about practice. If not for this unique situation finding the Kings in defense of a Stanley Cup championship, Southern California viewers could be excused for having a chilly reception to FoxSports West's coverage of this 2013 NHL restart. Instead, Monday's "event" carried on FSW was more than a welcome-back gesture. It may have been the freshest programming on the channel that has seemingly been in hibernation since the Angels' season ended. "When did we ever televise a practice?" Kings Hall of Fame play-by-play man Miller asked Thursday morning with some amazement. Miller, starting his 40th season with the team, isn't concerned Kings fans in particular will make their way back to the party. "I get the sense talking to people in the Kings' offices, I don't think there's any question that fans want to come back and celebrate a year as the Stanley Cup champions," he said. "This Stanley Cup victory is a factor working to the Kings' advantage. I don't see any backlash at all to the lockout."