Dean Lombardi was sounding more like a general than a general manager for a few minutes Friday when he was discussing his finalized contract extension with the Kings. "Generals manage, soldiers win," he said, giving credit to players and ownership. Lombardi, a history and military buff, went on to bring up Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee and compare the management of a hockey team to a military structure crafted in the Civil War era. Lombardi, who was hired by the Kings in 2006, signed a contract extension through the 2016-17 season. He wasn't the only key member of the franchise to receive a contract extension in the aftermath of the Kings' Stanley Cup championship. Coach Darryl Sutter now has three more seasons after this lockout-shortened campaign, and Luc Robitaille, the team's president of business operations, received a multiyear extension. ""He's the guy that put all this in place," Sutter said of Lombardi, with whom he also worked in San Jose. "That's what is more important." Sutter, who likes to do his share of pacing, recently summed up Lombardi's proclivity for worrying, calling it "constructive paranoia," according to the GM. "Trust me, having won, that part hasn't changed," Lombardi said. "I think I'll still be pacing around. That isn't going to change. "What [the players] want to accomplish here in terms of being one of the great teams of this era, you can never be satisfied. Some of those guys told me, once you win, you want to win again. That's [Tom] Brady's line." Then Lombardi moved on from the New England Patriots quarterback to one of his players, suddenly remembering a conversation with Kings captain Dustin Brown a couple of days ago.