DeMarcus Cousins absorbs information like a 6-foot-11, 270-pound sponge. He is an extremely skilled, intuitive player, perhaps even a bit of a basketball prodigy. But throwing punches at teammate Donté Greene was dumb, dumb, dumb. It was wrong, inexcusable, inappropriate, immature. And besides, Cousins was dead wrong about the last possession Saturday against Oklahoma City. He was not open on that play. Tyreke Evans was open on that play. So what are we to make of Cousins' latest outburst? The animated overreaction? The sharp words directed toward Greene? The punches thrown in the locker room? The behavior that earned him a fine and forced him into the role of spectator for Sunday's victory in Phoenix? The kid makes you think. What's that saying? Out of the mouths of … ? "We met for an hour and a half in my office," Kings basketball president Geoff Petrie said Monday at a hastily called news conference. "We talked this through, and obviously it went beyond and into any number of other areas. But I think it's an appropriate resolution of what happened. Now we go forward, hopefully watch (Cousins) continue to improve, watch him become a better pro and more aware of how to channel himself when he's confronted with certain types of situations." Listen to Petrie closely. He's tipping us off. He gets it. This entire matter extends far beyond Cousins and his latest tantrum. Be assured that one of those "other areas" pertains to the Kings' chronic issues with ball movement and execution and Evans' insistence on dominating the ball in the fourth quarter.