If the NBA played with a crystal ball, Jimmer Fredette probably wears a different uniform next season. Time and place have not been his allies. He's like the star of a drama series that gets dumped after the pilot airs, prompting questions about what might have been if the program had been scheduled in a different time slot, on a different network, on a different night. What would have happened if, say, Jimmer was drafted by Miami? San Antonio? Chicago? Franchises where conversations these past few years have been dominated by musings about defense, passing and movement, not moving vans and coaching changes, or estimates about what percentage of the arena floor had been permanently damaged by chronic over- dribbling? Fredette was a quick hit, then he wasn't. It happens. The former BYU standout and 2011 NCAA Tournament sensation had the misfortune of being taken by a franchise that doesn't play to his strengths – shooting – and currently is in the process of evaluating everything from the sound system in the arena to the brand of soap dispensed in the locker-room showers. And that's exactly what principal owner Vivek Ranadive, general manager Pete D'Alessandro and the Kings' other decision-makers are supposed to be doing. This is the do-over, remember. Declining to pick up the fourth year of Fredette's contract was a wise move for a number of reasons, not the least of which is a need to distance the current regime from the prior management pattern of committing too quickly and too generously to unproven or ineffective players. This Jimmer-Kings union was probably doomed from the start, anyway. Instead of drafting wing players Kawhi Leonard or Klay Thompson, the Kings reacquired small forward John Salmons and plucked the highly publicized Fredette from Milwaukee, which chose him with the No. 10 pick in 2011. Missing on Leonard, Thompson and Nikola Vucevic was bad enough. But Fredette wasn't even the best rookie the Kings picked up that year. Isaiah Thomas was. Drafted with the 60th and last pick, the diminutive guard out of Washington has outperformed Fredette from the opening minutes of training camp.