For about the amount of time it takes DeMarcus Cousins to touch the rim, he wishes he was in New Orleans this weekend, wearing his old blue and white sweats, giving it the old college try. His Kentucky Wildcats are in the Final Four. The projected No. 1 draft pick, Anthony Davis, anchors the frontline. And, if Cousins had stayed in school instead of joining the trend of one-and-done NBA lottery prospects in 2010, his nightmarish rookie season would have been nothing more than a bad dream. "That's all true," Cousins, the Kings second-year center, said the other night. "But I had to take care of my family. That was important to me, so there are no regrets. (Going pro) was going to happen sooner or later, and coming into the situation I did … you can't prepare. It's like nothing you have ever experienced. You just have to do it and believe there's a reason for everything." So how is Cousins doing in the closing weeks of season No. 2?