The Kings haven't spent hours looking at DVDs of the Chicago Blackhawks, their opponent in their lockout-delayed season opener Saturday afternoon at Staples Center. Actually, the Kings haven't really given the Blackhawks much thought, according to coach Darryl Sutter. "I've coached against Joel for a long time," Sutter said after Thursday morning's practice at the Kings' El Segundo training facility. "We know what to expect. It's not like some deep, dark secret. I know a lot about those guys. They're a good hockey team." Sutter referred to Joel Quenneville, coach of the Blackhawks and a longtime coaching foe. There have been plenty of other items for Sutter to check off his training camp to-do list. Worrying about the Blackhawks hasn't been one of them. Worrying about the Kings? Yes, no question. But fretting about the opposition? Nope. No time for it during a week-long camp. In fact, this training camp has been something akin to sailing through uncharted waters with a malfunctioning rudder. Sutter has admitted actually stopping the workouts on occasion in order to ask his players if he's dedicated too much or too little time to a certain drill. The only thing Sutter could compare this lockout-shortened camp to in his coaching experience was the lockout-shortened camp in 1994-95, when he was the coach of the Blackhawks. And, he added without hesitation, there really is no comparison between the two.