The Ben Simmons saga continues in Philadelphia as the 76ers thoroughly sift through the trade market in an effort to deal the disgruntled star. Simmons is reportedly hell-bent on leaving Philly for good and has no intention to report to training camp. With the rumors heating up, the Sacramento Kings are apparently among the favorites to land the three-time All-Star.

However, the Sixers want a lot in return for the 2016 No. 1 overall pick, and their asking price might be too high for the Kings. Philadelphia reportedly wants either De’Aaron Fox or Tyrese Haliburton in any package for the dynamic defensive point guard. With how much Sacramento values Fox and Haliburton, they are reportedly “unlikely” to include any of those two studs in any kind of package for Simmons. Standing pat on keeping Fox and Haliburton is a smart move on the part of the Kings.

There is good reason why the Sixers want either of the two talented guards for Simmons. De’Aaron Fox is on the verge of becoming an All-Star-caliber point guard and arguably could have already earned an All-Star nod if he played in the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, Tyrese Haliburton showed plenty of promise in his debut campaign in 2020-21.

Letting go of Fox would be extremely difficult for the Kings. Over the course of his career, Swipa has shown tremendous progression in every year he has played in the league. His scoring output has increased in each of his four seasons, including a career-high mark in 2020-21. The guard averaged 25.2 points while shooting an efficient 47.7 percent from the field. Fox has also proven to be a dynamic playmaker, averaging 7.2 assists per game last season. While he isn’t as tall and a high-flyer like Simmons, Fox is an absolute dynamo in the open court with the way he can burst to the basket with his speed.