There are many qualities separating LeBron James from his peers, a skill set so unique and so sublime that he’s basically in a league of his own. Guys such as Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Kobe Bryant can basically get off any shot when they want, but neither are in James’ athletic class. There are a handful of athletic hoopsters, but none comes even remotely close in matching James’ defence and rebounding. The more James produces highlight-reel dunks during Miami’s pre-game routine, the more people are clamouring to have King James participate in the league’s annual dunk-off during all-star weekend. Magic Johnson went so far as to announce on national television that he’d put up a cool $1 million if James would take part in the dunk contest. For Johnson, $1 million is pocket change. James doesn’t need the money and, as it turns out, he doesn’t need the aggravation in trying to justify why he dunks during pre-games. “Maybe I should stop because it’s making a lot of people mad about what I do,” James said. “They’re like: ‘Well, if you can do it in warm-ups, why don’t you (want to) be in the dunk contest?’ ” Magic isn’t upset at James. But like many fans who flock to all-star weekend, he wants to see the best on a stage designed to showcase basketball’s very best.