The piece you're reading now is actually my second draft of the recap. In fact, I had the first one all done through the third quarter when it looked like the Bobcats were going to run away with this one, and then the fourth quarter happened.Yeah, thanks a lot guys. They just couldn't be content with a 16-point blowout, and just had to make things interesting. This game really felt like theirs all along. Kemba finished the first quarter with eight points and two assists and Byron Mullens added a couple blocks to take a 28-24 lead into the second. From there, the Bobcats held the Timberwolves to just 14 second quarter points, and Andrei Kirilenko was really the only real threat to the Bobcats' advantage to that point. What was perhaps most impressive, is that the league's worst team in Opponent's Points per Game (Bobcats) held the Timberwolves to just 38 points at the half and the league's best team in in Opponent eFG% (Timberwolves) allowed the Bobcats to shoot 56% at the half. Honestly, by the time the third quarter wrapped up with the 'Cats holding a 16 point lead, it appeared the game was in hand. It seemed that the Wolves were running out of gas being relegated to a nine man bench (Well, seven if you count Malcolm Lee leaving the game and Will Conroy playing all of four minutes), and the Bobcats were teeming with confidence coming off of their second consecutive win. Really, the Wolves' rotations looked slow, they were barely chasing rebounds at one point, and they didn't score from 4:45 left in the quarter until a pair of Malcolm Lee free throws early in the fourth. Although they managed to cut the lead down to seven, it still didn't feel like they had enough left to take the game back.