Monte Kiffin's age has been included nearly every time he has been mentioned since becoming the Dallas Cowboys' defensive coordinator. Many wonder how a 72-year-old will relate to players in their twenties. On Thursday, Kiffin answered that question outside of the Cowboys' locker room at their Valley Ranch practice facility. "I'm 72 going on 52," Kiffin said. "There are some people 72 going on 82. Don't worry about me communicating, OK?" Kiffin's energy and passion for the game were on full display as he took questions from reporters for roughly 10 minutes. The man who guided the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense from 1996-2008, raised his voice during a few responses, showing those gathered how he might talk to players in a meeting room. In replacing Rob Ryan, Kiffin is faced with the task of converting a 3-4 defense into the 4-3 Tampa-2 scheme that he has become known for. Some of the adjustments will include outside linebackers moving to defensive end and defensive ends becoming defensive tackles. Kiffin said there are similarities between the two schemes but also noted that the transition won't be completed overnight. "We are not the 1996 Buccaneers by any sense," Kiffin said. "We like what we see. We had a big evaluation this past couple of days with Mr. Jones and coach Garrett and Stephen [Jones] and the whole pro personnel department, college scouts and everything else. We talked all about our personnel and looked at it and evaluated it, have gone through every single player. We have a good nucleus here for a 4-3 defense, but we still need to get better, no doubt about it."