Son of a gun. They really did it. The Nets are really going to introduce Jason Kidd Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. at Barclays Center. They really are going to reach back to the most glorious moments of their NBA history, to the greatest Net who ever dribbled a brown NBA ball in their uniform, and they are going to entrust him with their future. They really are. It is a bold move, a brave move, a brassy move. Time will tell us if it was a brilliant move, and so will the bottom line. Kidd does not inherit a team on the make — they already have smashed through the glass ceiling of their recent past, they are a talented team with a solid core, owned by a man with big ambition and even bigger … well, fortitude. “It’s a role I’ve been studying for over the course of my playing days,” said Kidd, and anyone who ever has watched him play knows that is exactly right, knows he has forever been a coach on the court, the smartest player in every arena he ever has walked in. If anyone can make this transition, he’s the one to do it. Can he do it? That answer will be easier to determine than you think, because so much of Kidd’s success, immediate and long-term, will revolve around one thing: the relationship with Deron Williams that officially, today, takes a turn for the serious, a turn for the somewhat surreal, and a turn, one way or another, for both men’s legacies. This was Williams’ reaction on Twitter when the news became official: “Excited to get to work under our new head coach. [Jason Kidd is a] great leader and great basketball mind will be a great head coach. #BROOKLYN” That’s a good start: Kidd and Williams have been friends for a while, and it was almost exactly a year ago when Williams snapped a selfie picture of him and Kidd at a golf outing together, at a time when they were pondering teaming up in Brooklyn or Dallas, before Williams decided to sign his name to a max-out deal with the Nets and Kidd chose to settle across the river with the Knicks. They will not be friends now, an important detail that actually may have started to work itself out in December, after Williams criticized soon-to-be-former coach Avery Williams’ offense. Now, Kidd never has been shy about quarreling with his own coaches — Byron Scott still has tire-tread marks on his back, and Kidd wasn’t the biggest Avery fan during their own working relationship with the Mavericks.