We're sure running backs are for kids? The Broncos have Peyton Manning at quarterback and a stable of receiving targets so splendid, Wes Welker may be the fourth option. On defense, the Broncos poured $32 million in 2014 cash into DeMarcus Ware, Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward. The Broncos are all in for another run at the Super Bowl. So long as Manning stays healthy, you can print in Times New Roman the Broncos reaching the elite eight of the NFL playoffs for a fourth consecutive year. And yet, somewhat oddly, the Broncos are carrying seven running backs on their roster who have this many combined starts in their NFL careers: Zero. Nil. Nada. Ronnie Hillman is the Broncos' most experienced tailback. He's 22 years old. It seemed like it was only two years ago he was drafted in the third round. And he might be only the third-string back this year, behind second-year rushers Montee Ball and C.J. Anderson. Among the undrafted rookies the Broncos brought in, it seems Oklahoma's Brennan Clay is getting the first chance to become the fourth running back. We're sure this is how the Broncos should go into the 2014 season? We have all followed the NFL's movement away from the run and toward the pass. We know a running back wasn't drafted this year until deep into the second round. We understand the great Terrell Davis' career was cut short and the NFL's second- and sixth-leading rushing teams last year, the Bills and Jets, had no backs who gained as many as 940 yards. Still, John Elway and John Fox are sure the kiddie backs can play alongside Peyton? Here it is Sunday, June 1, a date when the remaining veteran free agents are classified as "street" free agents and can be signed for a B-side song. But do the Broncos sign Michael Bush, who hasn't rushed for better than 3.8 yards per carry since 2010? Or do they take a leap of faith in Ball, who in back-to-back games last December rushed for 194 yards on 6.9 yards per carry?