The Nets acquired two future Hall of Famers including a player Paul Pierce known for his clutch performances. But Jason Kidd said Tuesday that Joe Johnson – the offseason afterthought on this stacked roster – will get the call on the final possessions. Johnson shot 9-of-10 last season in clutch moments last season (when game is within three points with 24 seconds or less). His highlight was the double overtime victory over Detroit in December when he hit the 2-pointer to send the game into the second overtime and then the game-winning 3-pointer at the final buzzer. “If you’re into analytics you look at Joe Johnson as the clear cut as the guy taking the last-second shot” Kidd said. “He was 9-for-10 with 24 seconds or less. SO that would be your guy who is the closer.” Still Kidd admitted that even if he draws up a play for Johnson it won’t always be Johnson that takes the shot. We saw how that broke down in Game 3 of the first-round loss to the Bulls. (hint: CJ Watson airball).