Jason Kidd isn’t able to talk about specific moves the Nets have made so far this offseason, including the blockbuster trade with the Celtics and re-signing Andray Blatche, until they become official next week. But running his first practice as head coach yesterday, Kidd didn’t shy away from the sky-high expectations after the Nets added Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to an already talented and experienced core group. “They were always high,” Kidd said when asked if the expectations for this team have changed. “As a competitor, you have one goal, and that’s to try to win a championship.” Kidd spent two hours working with the summer league team the Nets will take to Orlando, where play begins Sunday. It might have been nothing more than a nondescript summer league practice for everyone else involved, but Kidd couldn’t help but be nervous about presiding over his first official practice. “I had nerves when I was a player in every game,” he said. “Someone told me if you don’t get nervous, you don’t care. So yeah, I was nervous, because I care and want to do the right thing and put guys in position to be successful offensively and defensively.