Khloe always appeared to be the smartest of the sisters and the one with the most common sense. If I had $8 million on the table I would let Lamar smoke all the crack he wanted until I got my money. Jocks and Stiletto Jill breaks down the terms of their prenuptial agreement and why Khloe has waited before filing for divorce. It’s now being reported that Khloe will file for divorce and waited for the mark to past in order to get bonus money in the divorce. Per their prenuptial agreement Khloe will receive a substantial financial reward for waiting until their fourth anniversary. According to our source the reality star is set to receive $500000 per year for each year of the marriage and by hitting the four year mark she’ll receive a $2 million bonus. Additionally she’ll get to keep their $4 million mansion in Tarzana Calif. I am not that good at math but $500k for each year married (4 years total so $2 million) + $2 million bonus for hitting the 4 year mark + $4 million house = $8 million total.