Kevin Love has had an amazing career on the NBA hardcourt thus far that would be the envy of many. But just as his last name suggests, the man is lucky in love as well. Kevin Love’s girlfriend Kate Bock, now his fiancée, has been a bright spot in the life of the 5-time All-Star. Let’s get to know more about the woman behind Kevin Love.

Kate Bock is engaged to a Team USA gold medal winner, but she actually hails from Canada. The sultry swimsuit model was born in Vancouver, British Columbia on January 30, 1988. She posts often about her time spent in her home country, where she spent her years growing up before moving to the United States.

Kevin Love’s girlfriend has found just as much success as the NBA star in her own field. According to the Huffington Post, Kate Bock was reportedly discovered when she was just 12 years old at a local swimming pool. That serendipitous moment catapulted her into modeling success at such an early age. She went from a preteen swimming poolside to flying all the way to Paris for modeling gigs.