International players have made a big impact in the league in recent times, becoming huge figures in the association, changing the way that American players and fans see foreign stars that land in the NBA looking for an opportunity to shine. It's been a couple of great years for these players, as two Europeans have won the last four MVP awards, while this season, the three finalists for the award were all foreigners. This is a great time for international players and everybody is noticing that. 

Recently, Kevin Durant disagreed with a statement suggesting that European players are more skilled than Americans, pointing out that using only Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic as examples is unfair and incorrect since they are anomalies. Still, we've watched incredible players from different countries make it to the league recently, and Kevin Love showed appreciation to them, naming three players who are thriving right now and showing why it's a great time for international ballers.