Former Cardinals quarterback Kevin Kolb met with members of the Buffalo area media on Monday and in addition to saying all the right things, he had some interesting words about his two years in Arizona. The Cardinals released Kolb last month, deciding not to pay him a $2 million roster bonus, and since have signed Drew Stanton as a free agent and acquired Carson Palmer through a trade. Kolb made it sound Monday like he could see it coming, but he also made it seem like there was some sort of conspiracy working against him from the moment Bruce Arians replaced Ken Whisenhunt as head coach. “There was a lot of stuff behind the scenes,” Kolb said of his final months with the Cardinals. “It was interesting how it all played out. But without going into too much detail, I wasn’t totally shocked it happened. “… But there was a bit of a surprise there when it happened, even though a lot of arrows pointed in that direction. There were certain things being said that I tried to believe but at the same time I was trying to cover all my bases as well. That’s the best way to put it.” Sounds a little cryptic, doesn’t it? Saying things like “behind the scenes” and “certain things being said” makes it sound like Kolb was railroaded out of town by Arians and that the Cardinals never truly considered bringing him back. I know this: Arians watched plenty of tape on Kolb to know what he was doing. It simply came down to the fact that Kolb couldn’t stay on the football field, just like Arians eventually acknowledged. A healthy Kevin Kolb very likely would have meant Kolb returning for his third season with the Cardinals. Kolb went on to say that he got a slow start in Arizona because of the lockout and that it stunted his ability to learn the offense in a reasonable time. He also said he never lost confidence in himself. “I was proud of myself for that,” he said. Kolb said his injured ribs have healed well and that his recovery has been on schedule. He’ll likely be competing for the Bills’ starting job with a rookie as Buffalo is expected to use one of its first two picks in this month’s draft on a quarterback.