The Boston Celtics are in a complex position now after their head coach Ime Udoka was suspended by the organization following a violation of the team's organizational guidelines that will keep him at home for an entire year. This situation has been one of the hottest topics around the league, and things get worse by the day. 

Meanwhile, the Celtics are getting ready to face a new season, with many challenges ahead, and with more doubts than certainties at this moment. They already named Joe Mazzulla as interim coach for this campaign, which is already a big season why they're full of questions right now. 

Besides a new head coach, the players will need to find the strength to go through everything that's yet to happen to them, and a leading voice will be necessary if they want to find success again. 

The Celtics played in the Finals last season, and following a series of moves this summer, they were considered favorites to come out of the East again. Well, Udoka's suspension and a couple of injuries now have them in a very complex position.