The Brooklyn Nets are a wildcard this season. They have the talent to win a championship handily, but they can also implode during the season. Their best players barring Kevin Durant, are a little hard to predict, and that makes it hard to gauge how the team will do overall. 

Ben Simmons has an ideal setup around him with the Nets. Nic Claxton is a serviceable big, and the Nets are filled with elite shooters that he can find on his drives. If he gets it together, the Australian could have his best NBA season yet in 2022-23. But considering how much he has struggled with health and other issues recently, the Nets will have to make him feel like he's fitting in.

There are always questions and comments about Simmons' shooting, he's hearing about his lack of shooting consistently. Simmons has been getting trolled as recently as Tuesday. So the question remains how the Nets will keep him confident and engaged throughout the season, Kevin Durant has some ideas on that front.