With the Brooklyn Nets season spiraling out of control already, the organization needs to take action on Kevin Durant’s demands this summer and cut loose head coach Steve Nash.

There is no other way to put it: The Nets are a mess right now. The drama that led the team to a first-round ouster from last season’s playoffs followed them into the off-season. As Durant requested a trade on two occasions and Kyrie Irving made a play at a massive pay raise despite deserving a decrease after his vaccine stance badly damaged the locker room last season.

Yet, even with all the positivity of training camp, mended fences, and the addition of a “healthy” Ben Simmons, Brooklyn’s season has gotten off to a disastrous start. The team is 1-5 and is tied for dead last with the rebuilding Orlando Magic for the worst record in the Eastern Conference.

Considering the fact that the organization is paying the second-highest luxury tax in the NBA, this is flat-out unacceptable and there doesn’t seem to be signs of things improving any time soon. Following their loss on Saturday night — their fourth straight — Nash publicly questioned his player’s heart, and Irving doubled down on his headline-making support of documentary film viewed as antisemitic. Showcasing the combustibility of this locker room right now.

The Nets brass can’t let this mess of a situation continue as is, and while a good bit of blame should also fall on general manager Sean Marks for constructing this bad mix, the only impactful move the team has in it’s pocket is to fire head coach Steve Nash. Let us explain why.