The NBA is reportedly looking into ways to get rid of the one-and-done rule. In an interesting twist, though, Adam Silver and his team tasked with solving this issue are not necessarily just going to open the door for high schoolers to jump right to the pros, and are instead looking at other avenues that can get players to the league while making sure they are ready to become professional athletes. For Kevin Durant, doing something that gives kids a path to the pros is generally a pretty good idea. He’s the kind of player who was impacted by the current one-and-done rule — Durant was the nation’s No. 2 recruit in high school and spent one year in college before making the jump to the NBA, and you can make the argument that he could have skipped college entirely and still have been a star. There is something that makes Durant a little leery, and it has to do with a player’s ability to analyze their game and be surrounded by people who have their best interest in mind. Durant spoke to the media about the potential changes to the league’s road to the pros and cautioned players to make sure those around them are not trying to “blow smoke.”