Kevin Durant stood stoically alongside an arena wall late Sunday as he waited his turn to explain the Oklahoma City Thunder's second straight NBA Finals loss. He was lost in his own thoughts until the frustration of the evening was finally too much for even him to contain. He belted out a choice expletive before making his way to the stage. Durant had reason to be mad. Foul trouble limited him for the second straight game and sent him to the bench for the final five minutes, 41 seconds of the third quarter as a 10-point lead for the Thunder turned into a two-point deficit. Durant never regained his rhythm, and the Heat went on to win 91-85 and take a 2-1 lead in the Finals. "He's got to play smarter," Thunder center Kendrick Perkins said. "Those were fouls. Maybe the charge was kind of questionable, but at the end of the day, they're fouls. We need him on the court at all times, so he may have to give up a layup. He just has to play smarter, and I think Kevin will." Said Durant: "It was frustrating." For the game's first 2½ quarters, Durant played as dominant as he has throughout the series. After burying one jumper over Dwyane Wade, he turned to the Heat guard and said, "You're too small." He threw down a two-handed dunk in the third quarter then followed with a running bank shot to push OKC's lead to nine. The Thunder were in control, and Durant looked unstoppable. At least until he picked up his fourth foul as Wade baited him into contact with a fake. Durant went to the bench after Wade's first free throw and the Thunder never recovered.