Late in the Golden State Warriors' 99-92 triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers in their big Christmas Day showdown, replays showed that Kevin Durant got away with a clear foul that helped swing the game in the Dubs' favor. As LeBron James drove to the basket, Durant reached across him for a block, but got all arm. There was no foul called, but the ref initially said it was Cavaliers ball. After replay, however, it was clear the ball went off LeBron, and since fouls can't be called retroactively, it was Warriors ball. After the game, Durant was asked about the play, and gave a pretty funny response when asked if he thought it was clean. The main point: keep your complaints on Twitter dot com. The full exchange: Reporter: "There was a lot of debate on Twitter --" Durant: "-- On Twitter?" Reporter: "Did it feel clean? Did you get a replay?" Durant: "It felt clean. It was probably the same play a bunch of those dudes on Twitter probably arguing about at 24 Hour Fitness that that was a foul. So they've been in that position before, just not on Christmas at the Oracle Arena. They know if they ain't call it, it's not a foul. But I'm sure if they get that call next week at 24 Hour Fitness they gon' be pissed that they called a foul. So keep that s--- on Twitter."