Here's why the Lakers beat the Thunder 99-96 Friday night and kept their hopes alive. Kobe Bryant hogged the ball. Kevin Durant didn't. That's no rip of Kobe. Sometimes hogging is good. Kobe launched 25 shots and 18 foul shots; he made few field goals (nine) but all of the foul shots. Durant launched 23 shots and six foul shots; Durant made 12 field goals and all of his foul shots. And he passed too much. Scotty Brooks said so after Game 2, and his assessment of Game 3 should be the same. Sometimes, you just have to shoot. This game turned with 1:51 left, when Durant drove the lane with the Thunder owning a three-point lead. Durant dropped a nice little pass to Kendrick Perkins, which usually is a good basketball play. But not this time. Perk is a stallion in this series, but not with the ball in his hands. Too many Laker skyscrapers for the vertically-challenged Perkins to muscle the ball into the hoop. Metta World Chaos blocked Perk's layup, Kobe Bryant hit a basket on the other end, and the Lakers lived — and won it — at the foul line the rest of the way.