Captain Clutch almost had to turn in his cape. Kevin Durant was having the toughest of nights at the worst of times. Missing shots. Clanging jumpers. Struggling to get to the free-throw line. Nothing seemed to be going well for the Thunder superstar in the playoff opener against the Mavericks. But then, with his team facing the very real possibility of losing on home hardwood against the defending NBA champions, Captain Clutch soared. He got the ball with 9.0 seconds left, drove right to the free-throw line, crossed back to his left, then pulled up and over Shawn Marion. Bucket. Ballgame. Thunder 99, Mavs 98. "It was contested," Thunder coach Scott Brooks said. "I don't think they could've done a better job. That was a huge shot." He nodded. "It was nice to see him make that shot." Nice? It was way more than nice, wasn't it, Thunder fans? It was big time. It was necessary. Lose this game, failing to close out like the Thunder has in recent games and struggling the same way it did last season in the playoffs against the Mavs, and suddenly a first-round exit seems all too possible. The Thunder Bandwagon wasn't running off the rails, but there for a minute, it looked like it had blown a tire or two.