The Philadelphia 76ers beat up on the Brooklyn Nets last night in what could be a preview of the Eastern Conference Finals. We didn't learn much from it, though, because James Harden, Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge and Blake Griffin did not participate for one reason or another. A depleted opposing roster was of course not reason enough for the Sixers crowd to contextualize their accomplishment and they were feeling predictably emboldened in the game's final seconds.

Chants of "KD Sucks" rained down as Joel Embiid salted things away from the free-throw line with a minute to play. Durant, wearing comfortable clothes and simply watching from afar like the rest of the ticket-holders, was confused by the turn of events.

Stepping into the deep recesses of the fanatical mind is always a scary endeavor and one knows that there wasn't a tremendous amount of consideration given before telling one of the most talented basketball players on the planet that he sucks even though he didn't play in the game, thus allowing his team the chance to overcome his supposed dead weight. But that doesn't make it any less stupid.