After Warriors practice Sunday night in Manhattan, Warriors forward Kevin Durant defended Zaza Pachulia’s fall on Oklahoma City guard Russell Westbrook that had social media abuzz Saturday. “I don't think Zaza was trying to hurt anybody,” Durant said. “He is clumsy, don’t get me wrong, like a lot of big guys are. But I watched the tape. I saw Nick’s foot get caught up with Zaza’s leg, and it might have tripped him up a bit. I don't think he was trying to hurt Russ. “But it did look to the fans' view, I'm sure to them, it looked kind of like a weird play. I slowed it down, and I saw some clips and pictures everywhere that Nick's leg got caught up in Zaza's leg. I don't think he was trying to hurt him at all. It was an unfortunate play, and I'm glad Russ didn't get hurt.” While battling for a rebound with Warriors guard Nick Young in the third quarter of the Warriors’ 112-80 rout Saturday over Oklahoma City, Westbrook collided with Young and crumpled to the floor. Pachulia — who was near the play, but not necessarily involved in the collision — fell on Westbrook, grabbing the reigning MVP’s leg before standing up.