There may not be a player in the NBA that is under the microscope more this season than Los Angeles Lakers point guard Russell Westbrook. He has been ridiculed for his performance during the 2021-22 season all offseason as people have been writing him off as no longer being a player that can produce at a level to help a team win.

Los Angeles struggled mightily last season, going 33-49. Westbrook’s performance was certainly a part of that, but he was not singularly responsible for the team’s struggles. It wasn’t his fault that LeBron James and Anthony Davis couldn’t stay healthy or that Rob Pelinka decided to fill the roster out with players closer to retirement than their primes.

Despite that, he was the No. 1 target for people’s venom. Could he have tried harder to fit in and be more accommodating to adjusting his style of play, taking responsibility along the way? Sure, he could have. But when ridicule is going beyond the basketball court, that is when a line is being crossed.