Brandon Ingram is one of the most underrated hoopers in the NBA. But those who know how good he is, show it by making a comparison almost no one else has earned. Brandon Ingram's game often gets compared to Kevin Durant's, which is as high a compliment as any player in the NBA can receive.

On the face of it, the comparison is a really easy one to understand. Brandon Ingram has a height like Kevin Durant, and he's an excellent shooter. Like KD, he can score at all three levels and excels with the midrange. But there was another legendary scorer that Ingram was emulating when he was drafted into the NBA, and that's Kobe Bryant. Ingram was drafted by the Lakers and, as such, got to be around Kobe, even though the Mamba was retired by then. And Kyle Kuzma thinks that's who Ingram is more like. 

“People try to compare [Ingram] to KD and stuff… it’s cuz his body and build, but they’re like two different players.