The bad news is that Clayton Kershaw can't run. The good news, at least so far, is that the Dodgers' left-hander can still pitch. He gets the start today, the first time he'll take the mound since Dodgers manager Don Mattingly revealed Kershaw has been dealing with a case of plantar fasciitis in his left foot. The issue for Mattingly is that he said Kershaw doesn't feel the injury when he pitches, and everything else is secondary. "Right now he can't run," Mattingly said. "So it's a matter of him fitting his (workout) program around that." Kershaw can do cardio work and some bicycle work, so that's taken the place of running until he gets over the injury. Plantar fasciitis is an injury that has a nasty habit of lingering, but Mattingly is going to concentrate on the ability to still pencil Kershaw's name on the lineup card every fifth day. "He's still able to do his bullpens, and when he does, he's not feeling it," Mattingly said. What Mattingly and pitching coach Rick Honeycutt will be closely monitoring today will be to see if there is any deviation to Kershaw's delivery.