Running back Kenyan Drake on Monday was remorseful — but also good-natured — about his meltdown during Sunday night’s Dolphins-Bills brawl, saying it was “definitely stupid on my part.” Drake got tossed from the game for, among other transgressions, tossing a helmet believed to belong to Bills defensive end Ryan Davis about 20 yards. “We had a little wrestling match on the bottom of the pile,” Drake said. “Whoever’s helmet it was, I kind of just grabbed it. Heat of the moment, I was like, ‘If I’m going to go out, I guess this is how I’m going to go out.’ ” Drake jumped into an unwieldy scrum because he wanted to protect teammate Jarvis Landry from Bills safety Jordan Poyer, who had his hands around Landry’s neck after a touchdown catch. “I’m around for my teammates in any situation,” Drake said. “I feel like that’s the person I am, type of player I am. I let the situation get the little best of me. I think player safety is the most important thing, so after I threw the helmet, looking back on it, I felt like, ‘Who knows where the helmet could have landed?’ Things of that sort. From that standpoint, I feel like I needed to take a step back, look at myself, look at the situation, understand I put a lot of people at risk.” Drake can almost certainly hear from the league. It would be a total shock if he was not at least fined.