Kentucky coach John Calipari said Tuesday that that he believes college players should have the opportunity to profit from their likeness and signature, and he urged the NCAA to work in conjunction with the National Basketball Players Association to shore up some of the corruption that has taken hold in the college game. "We need to work with the players' association, who oversees the agents, and figure out what do they think the solution is," Calipari said at a news conference, via ESPN. "These kids deserve advisers as they're moving through this process. But the way it's done right now, it's an issue. There's a lot of things, I think at the end of the day, things will begin to change. The problem with the NCAA, it's slow-moving. This one doesn't need to be slow-moving. It's not going to be perfect for every program." Since the FBI probe into corruption within college basketball has come to light over the last year, there has been a steady push to make immediate, sweeping changes to the amateurism model. In the wake of the investigation, NCAA President Mark Emmert formed a Commission on College Basketball Committee headed by Condoleezza Rice, and Emmert has been adamant that changes are in the works.